Computer Solutions

Computers have become an important part of our daily life. Desktops for the home base, laptops for travel and smaller items like tablets for curling up on the couch or reading a recipe off of, the uses for such convenient items that help us connect to one another are endless. Included below are just some of our options, call our store to find out more!

Tried and true, the desktop computer quite often boasts the most usb connections and the widest variety of video ports in addition to the greatest flexibility when it comes to upgrades or modifications. This makes it easy to swap out the power supply, increase the storage capacity or install a new video card.

ACER DESKTOP (VM4660G-I5850S5 W10H) Reg. $924.99 Sale $749.99

HP SLIM DESKTOP S01-aF0419 Reg. $729.99

For lighter on the go entertainment than a laptop can provide, a tablet is the way to go. Commonly used in combination with a stand, these portable touch screens often come with built in speakers and access to your standard array of apps including but not limited to netflix, a web browser, facebook and more. 

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A7 32 GB w/ BONUS 64GB Reg. $329.99

SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A 8″ 32GB Reg. $229.99

On the go? Find yourself pressed for room on your desk? Look no further than a chromebook or laptop. Both of these devices come with a screen, built in keyboard and mouse. Boasting more storage, a laptop will save your favourite downloads or pictures while a chromebook will help you get connected to the world wide web while in a lovely little internet cafe. 

LENOVO V15-IIL I5 4G 15.6″ LAPTOP Reg. $874.99

ASUS 15.6″ CORE R5-3500 LAPTOP Reg. $799.99

HP CHROME BOOK 14A-NA0020 Reg. $564.99

ASUS CHROMEBOOK C204 Reg. $389.99

All-In-One Desktops

No, that isn’t just a monitor sitting on a table. All-in-one desktops are just that – all in one! In addition to integrated speakers, your computer is built into the back of these larger screens that sport a row of connections along the back to plug in your mouse, keyboard, USB hub, drawing tablet or whatever else your heart desires. 


Hook your desktop or alternate device up to one of our monitors that range anywhere from as small as 19.5 inches all the way up to 32, or even a TV of your preferred size to enjoy browsing the internet or finishing an essay.


Whether you’re looking to print pictures, post cards or portraits, we have a variety of both inkjet and laser printers to do the job. Taking anywhere from two to six cartridges, inkjets are a popular choice for artistic or home use, as their vibrant colours when combined with glossy paper make for eye catching images. For the more industrial, a laser printer and the toner cartridges that it uses (either monochrome or the standard colour array of black, cyan, magenta and yellow) might be better suited as toner can print thousands of pages per cartridge and don’t dry out. 


Chargers, routers, wifi boosters,

Usb’s and hard drives to save your pics of roosters.

Keyboards, mouse pads, mice and cables,

Perfect things to keep on hand to write your fables.

Webcams let you view your friends,

Headsets help you hear their trends. 

Use canned air in your routine,

To remove dust and keep things clean.


Desktop, laptop or All-In-One running slowly? Think you might have accidentally caught a virus? Perhaps you need to transfer files from an old unit to your new one. Give us a call and we can figure out the problem and offer a cost-effective solution!